Branded Powerpoint Templates: Outshine Your Competitors

Is a meeting with investors quickly approaching? How about a new client pitch? If yes, then how prepared are you? What does your presentation look like? By having a strong, clean, professional and creative presentation you may just wow the audience and one-up your competitor. 

Investors and new clients have high expectations, and you have a lot at stake, so you have to exceed or at least meet their expectations. It is crucial to have an exceptional and creative branded PowerPoint template that supports your sales efforts and drives home the reason to higher you above everyone else.

Why Is it Necessary to Brand Your Presentation

Branding is a big concept that is crucial for corporations to encapsulate their identity. One of the most important aspects of branding is a visual component which mainly includes, logo, tagline, color scheme, fonts, and photos or illustrations. 

A presentation represents your organization to any outsider who sees it, so it should include a great branding strategy. Even when you have to give an internal presentation among your board members and employees, branding can create a sense of shared purpose for everyone. As a presenter, you’re representing a business not yourself so making sure the viewers know who they are hiring or investing in. 

Tips to Make your Branded Presentation Effective

Here are certain rules and tips that will make your branded pitch a win. 

Make an impression with a good introduction 

As the first impression is the last, your branded PowerPoint presentation must have something, in the beginning, to make the audience look forward to your presentation. If your cover design or introductory slides are not up to par or on brand, the audience may lose their interest. 

Plan a Presentation Structure

A presentation deck structure is an outline of how the presentation will flow. You and your audience can become confused without a solid structure. Creating section slides to divide areas of thought will keep the viewer on track but also provide you the ability to pause and summarize the last section before moving on.

Give a Visual Journey

Where words are irreplaceable to communicate and deliver your message, it is important to use some good imagery and graphics. Remember, you are not writing a book in which you only have to use words to communicate. The audience will not engage and appreciate over-loaded text slides. Using imagery and infographics can bring life to your presentation and add visual appeal. This also give you an opportunity to brand your slides and include elements like, photography, iconography or simple textures. 

Why Should You Use Pre-Made Branded  PowerPoint Template

Pre-made templates are designed for businesses that are giving several pitches per week or month. Having a solid branded foundation to build of off every presentation you give will keep you consistet and ultimately build brand equity within your audience. 

The pre-made template has an efficient and customizable design. It is equipped with features that will take your presentation to the next level. You can swiftly insert your data, add business ideas, and display your innovative solutions in a cohesive branded matter. 

Wrapping Up

A well designed and effective branded PowerPoint template is crucial to make your next pitch. Be sure to follow the necessary rules and tips when making one or reach out if you would like some help!

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